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Pastor's Bible Study: Made for Something More

Group type: Seasonal Classes
Schedule: Sundays at 8:30am
Season: Summer
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 “Identity” is a buzz word in our world—that question of what makes us who we are. The world tells us our identity is determined by a bunch of different factors, including: 
  • How we see ourselves, 
  • How we feel, and, 
  • What others expect us to be. 

But if you’ve tried to define yourself based on those factors, you know they’re ultimately hollow; they shift around like sand, leaving us with nothing solid to hold on to.

So, we get back to the basic question: who are we really? 

Thankfully, there is an answer: we are who God says we are! And when we come to Christ, our identity is shaped—reshaped—into the image of Christ. He brings us back to what He intended us to be in the first place. 

In these six sessions, we’ll gain a deeper understanding of who we are in Christ, why we’re here in this world, and what our purpose is supposed to be. Far from how the world wants to define us, we’ll see that we were made for something more. 
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