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Pastor's Bible Study: Building a Life of Service

Group type: Seasonal Classes
Schedule: Sundays at 8:30am
Season: Spring Regularity: Weekly
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Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Serving God is more than a Sunday morning activity; it’s an all-encompassing lifestyle. But what exactly does that look like? 

In the Old Testament, Nehemiah provides a great example of the struggles and rewards of serving God. He was called to lead the Jewish people to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. They served together in this great task, even as they encountered opposition and ridicule from enemies. They did far more than build a wall. As they served and rebuilt the wall, God rebuilt them! 

We can serve God and others in a variety of ways, but in Nehemiah we see the principles by which we can serve—no matter what our work entails. Our work for God will have its ups and downs, but we gain so much as we serve. A lifestyle of service includes the work of God in us. Read on and let the example of Nehemiah help you build a life of service. 
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